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Katja Elmqvist

Manager & Reiki Healer


+351 93 644 7039



This is my personal Hanko stamp that i use. This is also my guarantee stamp on both products, treatments and gift cards.


This was specially designed from Japan for me. I bow deep.

謙虚にありがとう(kenkyo ni arigatou)

A big thank you to Mr/Mrs Kanji Hanko-Yamada!

Japanese Kanji Stamp Shop : Kanji Hanko (

About Me

My name is Katja Elmqvist, I am the one who takes care of you when you come for treatment. I am a trained Reiki healer and also trained in healing massage. I chose to start training in Reiki because I realized how good it really is. Not only for the client, but also for myself. Each client is unique in their own way, both physically and spiritually. So the treatment has different ways of working on each individual. This treatment can also be used on animals. When I treat, I am silent, this is so that the client can settle down properly. That the client should be able to let go of the everyday stress and just be there in the present.  All titles and must-haves are left outside the door to me. If you have questions, you can just email me. I work under a duty of confidentiality. So with this, I want to wish YOU, a warm welcome!

Work Experience

2020- Health & Care by Jigler, Sweden

Reiki first degree- usui shiki ryoho at Health&Care By Jigler

Reiki second degree- usui shiki ryoho at Health&Care By Jigler

Reiki Massage- usui shiki ryoho at Health&Care By Jigler

"My treatments have been performed on many different clients and all have been very positive. I have also done the treatments on both horses, cats & dogs. It always ends up with them falling asleep, which is an incredibly nice testimonial".


"If you're just open to it, the magic happens."

G.E.A, Gävle,swe.

"I have done both healing massage and healing remotely, I can say that I highly recommend it. Katja is not only an incredible healer but also very professional. I was incredibly pleased"

Maria, Stockholm

"During a (distance) healing with Katja, negative memories came up with my mother. And then it turned out that my mother had rang the doorbell during the healing and that same day came with a piece of jewelry that she wanted me to have when she was no longer alive. Incredible and healing!

M.M, Stockholm

“After the massage and healing,  I felt reborn. Highly recommend to try it out thank you Katja. "

B, Algarve

“Did healing & massage on my horses and they were much calmer after. Always happy for a new session."

David, Swe

“After a massage and healing,  I felt more gentle in my way about my feelings. Old blockages released about 30 minutes after the treatment, I felt lighter both mentally and physically. Highly recommend Katja. "

Testimonial of the products 


I am an older lady in the prime of years. I have tried many different products in my life. I had the privilege to try Katja's oil/cream and fell in love. They smell good, easy to use and do what I've been missing with other products, it has healed my skin./ Una

Karolin, Stockholm-Swe

I have had the honor of receiving remote healing from Katja and it was very powerful. I was really relaxed even though everything was done remotely and I think it has a lot to do with Katja's knowledge but also nice service. She really cares about you as a customer. Something I personally really appreciate. When you need something that is carried out with the heart, then you should book Katja.

Anna, Uppsala-swe

"I booked an appointment with Katja and got healing from her. And was met with total warmth and understanding. I had after math of Covid, so my spark of life was small. Used nitrous oxide, lost a lot of hair and could not go outside the door more than 5 min. After 2 treatments with healing, I began to feel longing for fresh air, I took a walk without nitrous oxide, was out 3 hours for the first time in over 6 months. She helped me tremendously. She gave me back life after covid. Thanks for everything!"

Morgan James, NY

I met Katja for a treatment. I had had meeting after meeting and was pretty wound up when I met her. When I left, I felt both grounded and very present. I was able to focus better on all the daily tasks, both at work and at home.

Lisa wedding planner, UK

I met Katja at an event in Stockholm. We started talking and she told me that she was performing reiki. I was stressed by all my work and she offered me a reiki healing. After only 30 minutes I experienced strange things, liberating and clear ideas came to me. When i went back home to London, I felt that I could do my work a little easier than before and didn't stress myself out as easily. Everything kind of fell more naturally. Highly recommend Katja. She really takes warm care of her clients.

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